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Canceling Mac and iOS apps

Please visit the following Apple website.

If the app does not start

To launch ChemGraphic, you need an internet connection for authentication and your credit card information registered in the App Store app. For information on how to register your credit card information, see the Apple Inc. website below.

If the web app does not work properly.

If the behavior of the web application provided by us is unstable, it may be improved by trying to clear the cache of the browser you are using. Please check the homepage of each browser manufacturer for how to clear the cache.

Timing of switching subscriptions

For example, if you switch from a weekly subscription to a monthly subscription during a subscription, it will automatically switch to a monthly subscription after the weekly subscription period ends.
If the process ends immediately due to cancellation, the point of cancellation will be the switching timing.

About the first free trial

It is the same for each subscription plan such as weekly and monthly. Please note that each is not a separate item.

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