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SimpleAppli Inc. Privacy Policy

*The original version of this policy is Japanese version and this is translated. Although we have made it carefully, if there is a difference from the original on translation, the original policy will be applied.

This Privacy Policy is How to explain of collects and uses information of users in using the services provided by Simple Appli Inc. ( The services provided by Simple Appli Inc. is hereinafter referred to as "service") In using Service, you agrees that user information is collected, transferred, operated, stored, disclosed, and used in other ways according to the description of this policy.
If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, you are prohibited from accessing or using this service.

In addition, this service cannot be used by persons under the age of 16 in countries covered by the GDPR or similar rules. Please be careful.

This policy does not apply to third party applications or software (hereinafter referred to as "third party services") or third party products, services, businesses, etc. that are integrated or integrated through this service.

1. What is personal information?

Personal information refers to information that can identify the individual customer based on various information provided by the customer, the content of inquiries, the browsing history of the website, and other descriptions.

2. Information we collect or receive

In this service, customer's personal information is collected. We will acquire it within an appropriate range for the purpose of use described in this policy 3. It contains information in the following categories:
(1) Customer data and data necessary for business
1. 1. When you access the Services, you provide messages, files and other content data (hereinafter referred to as customer data).
2. Information such as credit card, bank account information, address, and name required for business for purchases and refunds.
(2) Other data
1. 1. You will provide detailed information about your email address, password, domain or similar account, and telephone number (if required) in services that require you to log in or when contacting us.
2. Statistical data about the usage of this service and metadata about the usage generated by this service.
3. 3. Log data. Our server computer automatically collects and logs information when you access the service. This log data may include IP address, various browser settings including browser type and plug-in, Web page transition information, date and time of use of this service, language type, cookie data, and various identifiers.
4. Device information. Information about the device accessing the service, such as the type, operating system, and settings of the device that accessed the service, as well as the app ID and device identifier.
5. Crash data. Crash data generated when the app does not work properly and crashes.
6. location information. We receive your approximate location information from the Service or a third party who works with us. In addition, for apps that handle location information as the main function, we may collect strict location information with the explicit permission of the customer.
7. Cookie information. Information on cookies and similar technologies obtained through this service and collaborating third parties. It is used for analysis and promotion of login status and usage status.
8. Data shared by third parties who collaborate with us. Shared information provided to this Service by a third party service used in this service.

3. Purpose of use of personal information

This service uses your personal information for the following purposes.
(1) For notification including contact with customers and reply of various messages
(2) Shipment of required documents, etc.
(3) Identity verification
(4) Advertising, etc.
(5) Product improvement by customer analysis
(6) If necessary, communicate information to affiliated businesses
(7) Prevention of unauthorized use of products
(8) To comply with the requirements of laws, legal procedures, regulations, etc.
(9) For managing accounts and billing information

4. Use of personal information

In this service, your personal information will be use in this policy 3. We will use it within the scope described in, and will not use it for any other purpose without the consent of the customer.

5. Provision / disclosure of personal information to third parties

This service will not provide or disclose your personal information to a third party except in the following cases.
(1) With the consent of the customer
(2) When processed so that the customer cannot be identified
(3) When sharing with a business consignment company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement with us. e.g. outsourcing.
(4) When sharing with a company that has a confidentiality agreement regarding the handling of personal information with the Company within the scope of the purpose of use notified to the customer
(5) Display in this service. This includes, for example, displaying your email address on the screen after logging in.
(6) When required by law, etc.
(7) For exercising our rights, preventing fraudulent activities, and protecting and defending property and safety.
(8) When sharing with a company necessary for providing services, such as a server computer management company or platformer. For example, Google LLC, Apple Inc, etc.

6. Products containing products manufactured by other companies

(1) In the case of products incorporating Google LLC's API or service, the privacy policy shown in url below is additionally applied.

(2) This Service may use Google Analytics for Firebase provided by Google LLC. In this case, usage statistics data of the non-personally identifiable service will be collected anonymously and automatically sent to our managed server. The statistical data sent will be used to improve the quality of the product.

(3) All transaction concerning the Apple AppStore relay on the privacy policy of Apple Inc.

7. Compliance with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information

This service complies with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. However, since information is managed mainly in Japan, it is based on Japanese law.

8. Safety management of personal information

We will establish regulations concerning the handling of personal information, appoint an administrator of personal information, and appropriately acquire, use and provide personal information by notifying and educating the administrator.
We will endeavor to prevent leakage, loss, damage, and unauthorized access to personal information for the acquired personal information.
However, due to the nature of information processing technology, we cannot guarantee that these data are absolutely secure.

9. Storage of personal information

(1) We will store customer data in accordance with customer's instructions and as required by applicable law.
(2) We will store your personal information as long as necessary to provide services to you. When it is no longer needed, it will be erased unless the law requires or allows a longer shelf life.
(3) We may retain your data for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. This includes pursuing legal interests, complying with legal obligations, conducting audits, resolving disputes, and contracting with other companies. It, We may retain your data for as long as our need, even after your account has been revoked.

10. Inquiry / correction / deletion of personal information

This service will respond appropriately and promptly to inquiries, corrections, and deletions regarding the personal information of the customer. For procedures related to disclosure, etc., please contact the following inquiries.

11. Inquiries window for personal information

In this service, we have opened a consultation window on personal information protection policies and general handling of personal information provided by customers.
For questions or concerns regarding personal information, please contact us from the following e-mail address.

※ When asking for disclosure of personal information etc., we may request information to identify the targeted personal information.

12. Improvements / changes to this policy

This service will endeavor to continuously improve this policy. In addition, this policy may be changed due to changes in laws and regulations or other circumstances.
The modified Policy shall be effective from the time it is posted on our website or the distribution page of the App, and you are encouraged to check the latest Policy.
If there is a major change in this policy, we will notify you in this service.
If you do not agree to any changes to this policy, please disable your account for the Services or contact us.

13. About international data transfer, etc.

We may transfer your personal data to Japan and the United States. If we transfer personal data from a jurisdiction with a different data protection law, we will implement the following protection measures.
(1) Personal information and rights of California customers collected under the California Consumer Privacy Act (hereinafter referred to as "CCPA")
1. Customers in California have the rights set forth in CCPA.
2. We do not sell (in the sense defined by CCPA) the personal information we collect as defined in this policy. We also do not sell without offering the right to opt out.
3. We may use third-party cookies for advertising purposes as described in this policy.
4. Customers in California can make claims in accordance with their CCPA rights by contacting us through the Personal Information Inquiry window within this policy. In doing so, we will use the information relevant to your account to validate your bill. A government-issued ID card may be required for billing. You can also specify an agent to exercise these rights in your claim.
(2) About customers in other areas
1. We will implement protective measures based on Japanese law.

14. About Us
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