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ChemGraphic Annual license

Scheduled to start in December 2019
- About contract

This is an annual license agreement by our company via company, school or co-op.

For individual use, please use the monthly version from the AppStore.

Your company name may be listed as a business partner on our website or pamphlet.

Please contact us if you wish to be anonymous.

- About transfer method

If you contact us via the Inquiry form, we will send you a bank transfer.

If we can confirm the transfer, we will send you a receipt at a later date.

If you need an invoice or delivery note, please contact us.

- About the flow of the contract

1. Contact us from the Inquiry form.

2. Once the contract date and order quantity are determined, transfer to our account.

3. A serial code will be sent by email.

4. Signin from the account page to the person who actually uses it.

5. You can use it by downloading the app and entering the serial code.

* If you change the terminal (Mac), you can change it from the account page.

- About charges

ChemGraphic Mac is 11,500 yen / unit (Tax excluded) with 1 year contract.

Please contact us if you need a monthly contract for accounting purposes.

Please use the monthly version from the AppStore for a free trial.

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